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Why choose an online accountant?



June 22 , 2012 | Posted by Fern Price |

Why choose an online accountant?

Along with law and medics, it’s one of the classic professional occupations. Small businesses to large corporations have relied on the expertise of accountants for centuries – but like so many professions, the internet brought change forever and provided unprecedented, new opportunities for accountants.

Enter the age of the online accountant. As the web began to take off – especially with the onset of high speed broadband – it wasn’t just a case that a traditional high street accountant should have a website and an online presence. There was a realisation that you could actually move accountancy online entirely. Accountants online still do all the things you’d expect of an offline accountant – but with some added bonuses.

So, why choose an online accountant?

Perfect for small businesses – the whole concept and notion of online accountancy was borne out of making bookkeeping and accountants’ services easier for both client and accountant. Arguably no-one has benefited from this as much as the small businessman. Gone are the days when complying with tax legislation and maintaining books was an untimely interruption in the job at hand – running a successful business. All financial management and upkeep can now be done at any time remotely. No pressure to schedule regular meetings, with UK online accountants just a quick email or phone call away.

Lower cost – it’s pretty obvious that accountants online have much lower overhead costs. And with no need for prestigious high street office addresses, it’s easy for the online accountant to pass these lower costs on to the client. Fixed monthly fees are a common feature of online accountancy, enabling businesses to get a finite grip on how much their professional finance handling is going to cost them each month.

Flexibility – there’s at least four different ways to keep on top of your business finances by using accountants online. You could go fully online with cloud bookkeeping, keeping a record of any invoices, statements or paypal transactions as you go; you could stick with classic desktop software packages such as Sage and submit your book-keeping backup to your accountant by email at the end of the year; you could email a spreadsheet of your business transactions at regular intervals or just at the end of the year…or send all of your invoices to an online accountant, who will take care of everything so you don’t have to.

e-ccountant are leading the way in the field of online accountancy. All e-ccountant clients are assigned a dedicated Chartered Accountant who they can speak to whenever required. Get in touch today to discuss how we can provide the same great service that you are used to from your high-street accountant, at a fraction of the cost.